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With an experience of more than one decade, we are catering the varied demands for water purifiers by manufacturing a huge array of Electronic Water Conditioners. These water conditioners find wide application in sugar mills, laundry systems, food & beverages industry and textile industries. Owing to their salient features such as low consumption of water & energy, no use of chemical additives and eco-friendly process, these Electronic Water Conditioners are well appreciated in the market.


Further Details:

This is an electronic device, which utilizes properties of electro-physics to prevent and eradicate scale buildup from water- borne calcium carbonate. Installation simply requires coiling the signal cable around the pipe carrying hard water.


Scale Guard's working: A complex frequency-modulated waveform creates a nucleation effect, induced by physical means, which temporarily increases the solubility of the minerals in the liquid and changes the shape and size of calcium carbonate crystals, so that they lose their adhesive properties. This even removes the existing scale from the pipe lines Benefits of Scale Guard


Prevention of scale.

Elimination of Algae.

Water and Energy Saving.

No chemical additives.

No environmental pollution.

Long-term economical advantage.

Reduced water surface tension increases the solvency.

Enhances the life span of boilers, dish washers, washing machines etc.



Scale control in Plumbing Fixtures/Pipe Lines (Domestic & Industrial)

Steamers & Boilers

Cooling Towers

Agriculture & Horticulture

Pre-Treatment of RO Systems

Swimming Pools & Spas

Electronic Water Conditioner

We have mastered the art of offering Electronic Water Conditioner which change hard water molecules to soft crystals. They are developed from fine quality materials and are capable of producing an oscillating electric field in the water pipe which changes continuously in frequency and direction. This, furthermore changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in solution. Our products are available in different varieties and are customized and packaged in hygienic conditions to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Our product is developed from sophisticated technology and is widely popular and used for residential purposes for home owners who want soft water but don't want the maintenance effort and expense for ion exchange softeners. This is a great way to soften (condition) water up to 25 grains. Our products are available at simple rates . Moreover, they have long lives and can work on plastic, copper and steel pipes.

• Easy to install i.e. no plumbing or special skills needed
• No maintenance - set it and forget it
• Safe low voltage, low power
• Takes very litter space
• Wrap the signal cable and plug converter into 110 volt outlet
• Treats hardness from 3 grains
• No salt or chemicals needed
• Water lathers and rinses easily
• Prevents scale formation
• Reduces detergent use
• Increases water heater efficiency
• Prevent scale formation
• Reduces detergent use
• Increases water heater efficiency
• Removes existing scale in 90 days
• Won't clog shower heads, coffee pots, dishwashers
• Two year Warranty

• The system comes complete with converter, signal cable, cable ties, transformer, mounting screws and instruction manual
• Commercial Models: Our products are also constantly available for commercial application that uses 1, 2, 4 and 6 inches plastic, copper or steel pipe
• Uses less than 10-watts of electricity

• Reduces scale-saves 5 % or more fuel
• Eliminates scale-control chemicals
• Reduces fouling of dishwasher jets
• Reduces downtime for de scaling
• Reduces soap and detergent use
• Economical to install and operate
• Eliminate scale buildup on electric heating elements
• Reduces calcium spotting and soap usage in bottle cleaning

• Gas-fired and electric boilers
• Cooling towers
• Commercial ice makers
• Decorative fountains
• Evaporative coolers
• Commercial laundries
• Hotel and Motels
• Breweries
• Plastic injection molding
• Paper and pulp mills

Watershed India came into existence in 2005. The company aspires to provide clean and pure potable water to the people all over the country. The company not only manufactures reliable..........
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