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Domestic Ro Systems

We are offering an assortment of Domestic RO systems. Our products are reputed for their outstanding quality and the Domestic RO systems is a process of water purification using special membrane to remove all dissolved and non dissolved impurities from water like salts, toxic chemical, bacteria and viruses etc. Our products are developed to suit consistently changing market needs and demands and we offer competitive prices.
domestic ro systems

Domestic Water Purifiers

When it comes to health and well being of our loved ones, one really cannot make any compromises. Domestic Water purifiers are made for the purpose of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from dirty water which comes in our taps at our homes and offices. This water is unfit for drinking and other domestic purposes as it contains lot of harmful and undesirable substances in it. The goal of this process is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. The Watershed India manufactures a wide range of all kinds of water purifiers which are highly reliable and affordable.
Domestic Water Purifiers

Industrial & Commercial Ro Plant

The Watershed India is also one of the major industries to produce Filtration and Distribution Lines for Dialysis Units. We produce a large number of Filtration and Distribution Lines for Dialysis Units of excellent quality at competitive prices.
industrial and commercial ro plants

Institutional Ro Systems

Water that is unfiltered contains fluoride which may also contain other toxic materials and pollutants, which may include lead, mercury, and arsenic. A large no of renowned scientists and researchers around the world condemn the endorse fluoridation of the water supply. The fluoride Removal Filter is the simple solution to this problem. We produce Fluoride Removal Filters which are approved by the highest set of standards in the industry.

Magnetic Water Conditioners

Water dispensers provide with water of three different temperatures at a given time available with just touching a is seriously working towards making our lives comfortable. You just have to fit replaceable water and get hot, cold and room temperature water. You can choose a water dispenser from our wide range according to capacity requirement and ofcourse your budget. We offer elegant designs and compact water purifiers which would madd upto the beauty of your homes and offices.

Electronics Water Conditioners

Our range of Industrial and Commercial RO plants is specifically designed, developed and programmed by our expert professionals in order to provide longer functional life and flawless performance with the lower maintenance cost. Owing to these reasons our range is widely used in various applications like food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing and electroplating. You can choose according to your requirements and price range.

Water Softners

Watershed India is a leader in UV water purification systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial purposes. Industrial UV systems are very widely manufactured in our company using the best available technology. We are experts in the designing and manufacturing of Industrial UV systems and are leading the market with our stylish designs and efficient products.

Demineralized Plant

Iron in the water leads to red staining in appliances and clothing and in toilet bowls. To remove this iron from your water you need an iron removal filter. The iron removal filter is installed in the houses or industries to make the water free of unwanted iron. Depending on how much ironis in your water you can determine what kind of Iron Removal Fliter you will need. We offer a large variety of Iron Removal Filters of varying range and utility. All our Iron Removal Filters are extremely cost effective.

Water Treatment Plant

Watershed India produces the best quality of Magnetic Water Conditioners. The water conditioners that we produce are made up of top quality raw materials and latest technology. Our company strictly adheres to the international guidelines and also offers competitive rates. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

Hot Cold Water Dispenser with built in RO System

Multi grade filter is a depth filter that makes use of coarse and fine media mixed together in a fixed proportion. This arrangement produces a filter bed with adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended particles. This filter performs at a substantially higher specific flow rate than conventional filters.

Pressure Booster System

The Watershed India are reducing costs appreciably when it comes to manufacturing of Water Coolers by enhancement of production processes and lowering the operating costs. Our company offers a vast variety of water coolers in terms of shape, application, compact designs and price range.

Watershed India came into existence in 2005. The company aspires to provide clean and pure potable water to the people all over the country. The company not only manufactures reliable..........
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